Jump with Orsi

Project: Orsi Kovacs / Life & Business Coach (www.jumpwithorsi.com)
HMUA/Photographer: Laura Bloomer

Location: London

Orsi runs a Life & Business coaching program, you can check it out here: www.jumpwithorsi.com . She has quite a great story (and I’m sure, relatable to many of you!), whereby she decided one day to up and leave her job and apply her skills to help others, her real passion. As a testament to this – she wrote the book ‘How to achieve absolutely anything in just 3 months’ which she wrote alongside her own personal journey. A great read for anyone currently toying with the idea of going out into the business world on their own accord. You can order it online here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B019C7WJF0

Personal Branding is so important in this day and age, especially when your business requires connecting with people. People buy from people they like. Professional images are crucial to showing customers what you are all about and connecting with them on a personal level. Creating a strong brand establishes yourself as a natural leader, making people look up to you as a thought leader. This boost in image/direction opens doors and creates  opportunities that would otherwise remain in the dark. Great images can make a $1,000 website look like a $10,000 website.

Feel free to send me an email about your business and we can have an exploration chat free of charge – hello@laura-bloomer.com



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